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Focus: Redefining Perfection

Somehow we’ve been made to believe that since we cannot house perfection beneath our skin or even exude it, images on paper always should. Perhaps a reminder of what we could be with more “effort” and faith. Somewhere in this age, standards have been etched unto  “paper-worthy” narratives and like a plantation of blooming palms, they all pose, leaning on their perfection with hair billowing like palm fronds and jewels signing off their majesty in our minds. Someway, mannequins and humans have managed to look like doppelgangers in everywhere that isn’t reality.

It all seems forgivable until we begin to submit our wellness to the standards of inanimate images who ironically only reflect dreams that people like you think they cannot quite embody. It seems forgivable that all models and sketches are of women with lush pliant eyelashes until women whose kinky hair found their way to their eyes begin to carry shame upon themselves in handfuls. It all seems pardonable until it just isn’t and right now, it isn’t.

Recently, I made a sketch of a lady and believe me when I say it was a decent sketch [I am a decent artist ;)] The only thing was that as a result of the angle at which my head was bent while I drew, her own face came out somewhat angled. I made do with her and went ahead to give her great hair and shape; people in real life have all sorts of heads and facial features and each unique stroke of character that their flesh wears makes it all the more striking. Beauty really doesn’t need permission to thrive and until this resonates as truth in us, we will keep submitting our glory to the unrealized dreams that images on mag covers and canvasses carry, for validation. Tell me you see the tragedy too.

Anyway, as you already expect, a number of people seemed unnecessarily unsettled about something being quite wrong with the appearance of the lady I had drawn. I couldn’t help but think about how, perhaps, the standard really isn’t on paper anymore. These images of unrealistic versions of what human beauty should look like have crystallized in our minds that every other person including even the “models” on paper are now passed through the lens of these socio-culturally imposed reflections in order to earn the definition of being that they ‘deserve’.

With people, perfection thrives with focus – focus on the individual miracles that only you can shed light on. Miracles that can reside anywhere, from bones to heart to mind. There are no limits to where the pieces of perfection you embody can lodge themselves. It’s all you so do not disregard the whole simply because where your glory lies happens to be a blind spot for someone else who needs repositioning.

Sometimes, the ugliness (and I do not refer to just physical beauty) we say we see in ourselves has nothing to do with what we hear others say about us and everything to do with the blueprint we have of self. The problem is that a lot of times, we forget that one of the things love and beauty have in common is that it is not their job to be easy on the eyes. Always remember that the interpretation of anything draws its essence from dimension of focus and that functionality cannot be maximized unless true knowledge is attained. Focus on everything that is right about yourself and watch how your impression of yourself evolves into true self-awareness from which you can explore and optimize the creation of sustainable value exclusive to you.

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