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A New Purse and the Power of Expressed Thought

Somehow, I’ve managed to be both a deep sleeper and one who wakes up on up to four occasions before dawn to use the restroom. It doesn’t matter if I go to bed by 2 am and will have to be awake in four hours. My body has my bathroom routine on lockdown. Maybe it’s its way of making sure that I don’t drift from slumber to the other side of the divide. Of course, I’ll take multiple interruptions over never waking up.

On this night, I think to check what time it is after I return from one of my infamous pee runs and so I have to reach for my phone. It’s 2.30am and I also notice some unread messages and despite my internal compass trying to point me away from opening them, I do the exact opposite. One is a message from Fiks, sent at the ungodly hour of 1.20am. It reads, Hey dear. What’s your office address? I want to send you something. Umm…at 1.20am? Anyway, she’s piqued my interest already especially since sending stuff to and fro isn’t exactly the MO of this friendship, I send it anyway and easily find my way back into a deep sleep.

The next day at work, I receive a parcel from her and open it to find a gorgeous faux snakeskin purse. Talk about random. I melted into all shades of mushiness. The unexpectedness. The crispness of a new fashion item. The thoughtfulness of it all. I was having a drab day but this changed the frequency of the energy for me. The power of expressed thought.

Here’s the thing! Fiks and I are pretty good friends. We used to be closer when we worked together but these days, we find ourselves separated by tides of months at a stretch before cherished phone calls which are the closest thing to having a rendezvous in over a year. I’m not even sure the last one counts since it was at a mutual friend’s wedding and we didn’t invite each other or anything. Plus, apart from one or two occasions, we just never really have explored getting each other gifts, especially at random. You can understand why it meant a great deal.

In my usual manner of infusing perhaps far too much thought into experiences, it dawned on me how powerful expressed thought is. For the purpose of this conversation, we’ll use thought in a constructive context. Like many of the grand thoughts we have – of benevolence, creativity, repentance, inspiration – Fiks may have chosen (intentionally or not) to put this away without acting on it. A lot of times, I think this is the case because we either discount the impact of our thoughts when expressed or do not even realize the extent of the impact that little actions can make.

Would she have guessed right that I’d have a drab day in need of salvaging?

Would she have known that it’d be a learning point for me so much so that I’d be pounding at my keyboard by 5 am two weeks later in the bid to share this with others?

Would she have known that she’d inspire in me the decision to begin to do thoughtful things for people as much as I can, whenever the thoughts occur to me?

Would she have known that she was spreading the will to turn the latent power of outward thought into good deeds and positive impact?

All the thoughts, especially recurring inspiration for work or benevolence, that remain stifled interrupt a flow of energy that should keep the world in balance and light. It’s beyond you, as are a lot of other simple yet vital things we fail to understand are.

There are things that matter more than your fear, doubts, forgetfulness, and self-interest. These are the things that should fuel expression and until you define and uphold them, you may find the fullness of your life eluding you.

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