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Every century, extraordinary women emerge to push societal boundaries, redefining possibilities for other women in their generation. In Africa, women have birthed innovations and revolutions that created paradigm shifts in their era. Amina of Zaria. Nzinga of Angola. Amazons of Dahomey. Umu ada of Igboland. Yaa Asantewa of Ghana. Nandi of Zulu. Women of this caliber have silently trailed African history up to the 21st century. The tragedy? Their stories have remained largely untold, leaving no beacons for today’s women to follow as they strive to thrive in this age.

The great news? African women are it again; taking new frontiers in business, career, politics, family life, and self-leadership. This time, women are daring to defy the silence that ushered previous generations into oblivion. Les Femmes Podcast is Nma Agada’s attempt at curating the stories of such women. In each lighthearted, honest and intellectually-stimulating episode, she interviews a female trailblazer of African descent. Together, they excavate riveting personal stories and lessons that created their successes so that you can have a blueprint to guide you through similar paths.


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