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Harnessing the Power of the World's 50%


Representation is vital to empowerment and dialogue is central to galvanizing change. Mind Shoppe is a suite of content curated through personal stories of remarkable African women in today's business and corporate worlds, and tidbits for sharpening women's foundational knowledge on financial, business, leadership, and sustainability principles.  

Mind Shoppe democratizes information relevant to todays' African working women and their community primarily through social media, blogs, and speaker series.





One of the direst challenges faced in frontier markets is the poor availability of evidence-based insights. Information asymmetry as it concerns African women prevents effective tailoring of development solutions to beneficiaries and may cause silos that inhibit such solutions from being inclusive and sustainable. 

One of our key offerings is the generation of gender-smart insights on the seven components of our sphere of focus through market & sector mapping, studies, dashboards, reports, and collaborative research with partner organizations. The insights generated also serve as input for our Immersion Shoppe which aims at experiential learning.



There is an urgent need to enhance women's access to and control over capital, and to mobilize financing of value chains and sectors that have strong linkages to women's economic and social outcomes. Beyond access to finance, there is a dearth of other capabilities that reduces women's viability for funding.

Through investment-readiness programs and curated marketplaces, Les Femmes lab seeks to energize female entrepreneurs and women-heavy ecosystems with access to patient growth capital while de-risking key African sectors.



Gaming and simulation are gaining traction as viable mechanisms for creating shifts in knowledge, values, beliefs, and norms that could catalyze positive changes in social and cultural outcomes that drive sustainable development. 

We are developing tabletop and digital games aimed at strengthening players' knowledge of historical, social, cultural, and political issues while developing key strategic and critical analysis skills. Under development is a pair of games for the pilot of the lab's first immersive learning product. These are being designed using a gender-synchronization lens to maximize market potential and social impact.

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