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Harnessing the Power of the World's 50%

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Les Femmes Lab is a social enterprise established to bring to the mainstream market-based solutions that are innovative, experiential, and in tune with women's economic, political, and social experiences and needs. The lab runs programs called "capsules" aimed at creating and enabling innovative solutions to challenges faced by women of African descent. Our sphere of focus spans access to sustainable finance, access to business and leadership capabilities, energy poverty, property rights & agricultural productivity, climate change, and the digital divide.

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The aforementioned shall be achieved through the following mechanisms:

  1. Generating evidence-based insights on women and the markets, societies, and ecosystems in which they operate to support effective policymaking, investment, and program design.

  2. Bridging the gaps between capital allocators and female entrepreneurs/women-led businesses through investor readiness programs, investor-investee mapping & matching, and strategic analyses engagements

  3. Amplifying the stories of African women and fostering dialogues that can enable more innovation and collaboration in addressing topics within our sphere of focus.

  4. Creating immersive knowledge products - podcast series, e-books, articles, games, live events & curated trips, aimed at building women's business and leadership capabilities as well as communities dedicated to partnerships, growth, equity, accountability, and creativity.

  5. Fostering institutional partnerships that will accelerate positive structural changes and systemic solutions through a gender lens.

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