Harnessing the Power of the World's 50%

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Women's socio-economic empowerment is largely addressed through lenses that are solely humanitarian, political, and if economic, mainly as corporate social responsibility. In these spaces, the holistic development of women may not be attained and women may be inadequately empowered to take ownership of their empowerment in sustainable ways.

Les Femmes Lab is a social enterprise established to bring to the mainstream market-based solutions that are innovative, experiential, and in tune with women's cultural, political, and social experiences and prospects. The lab runs a diverse mix of programs called "capsules" aimed at distinct aspects of women's socio-economic empowerment.

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The aforementioned shall be achieved through the following mechanisms:

  1. Generating evidence-based insights on women and the markets, societies, and ecosystems in which they operate to support effective policymaking, investment, and program design.

  2. Empowering a new wave of female investors, entrepreneurs, and professionals with experiential knowledge needed to build prolific personal development systems, businesses, and careers.

  3. Amplifying the stories of African women and fostering dialogues that can enable more fluid collaboration with other stakeholders of global peace and development.

  4. Championing pan-African development by nurturing communities that are dedicated to growth, equality, good leadership, and creativity.

  5. Creating institutional partnerships that will accelerate positive structural changes and systemic solutions through gender lenses.

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